Joe Millican
BA Photography Student
These images are extracts taken from a project titled Collision. The project was an exploration of the relationship between photography, memory and the transient nature of life. In this work, I used in-camera multiple exposure to link images, meshing together times and spaces just as our own memories have the ability to do.
In my years as a photographer I have shot both digitally and using analogue cameras. Digital really helped during my younger years as I was exploring the camera itself as a tool, it allowed me to be unafraid of experimenting with different techniques and a certain degree of comfort; it was acceptable to make mistakes and learn from them. Working with analogue photography has taught me to begin to truly hone my skills as a photographer, it can
be unforgiving and mistakes can cost you greatly. Analogue has given me a greater focus when shooting, to slow down and really consider what
I want to capture in any particular frame.

The true allure of analogue for me is its physicality. We live in an increasingly digital world, where people are often removed from everyday physical experiences. Working with film is my attempt to reconnect myself with the physical world around us.
Before coming to UCLan I had shot a lot of film but never processed or printed my own negatives. I prefer to be active and working with my hands when I am undertaking any kind of project. Sitting at a computer to edit for hours does not excite
me but I do look forward to spending a day in the darkroom. I enjoy the process of refining a print, of having the control over each aspect to bring out the finish that I want from my image. For me the prints themselves have a somewhat romantic charm, there is nothing better than having a tangible piece of work in my hands. I take great pleasure in knowing that it is something I have produced, from capture via processing to print.