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Laetitia Vancon

Winner of the Blumm Pomilio Prize future Frames 2015

“Life Carries on: Documenting Gentrification in Istanbul”

Laetitia Vancon was born in Toulouse, France, 1979. From an early age, due to her father’s service in the French Air Force, she led the restless childhood life of an “army brat”.
In 2003, after completing her studies as a Chemical Engineer she spent 6 years working within France and South Africa as Production Site Manager in a chemical firm manufacturing artificial flavor enhancers.
The pressure, the feeling of insignificance, the one of the time which passes and escapes, and the loss of a loved one, convinced her to leave the highway for more unconventional path.
In 2009, she gives up her career, and It was whilst traveling throughout Australia and South East Asia, that  photography begins helping her reconnect with herself and her environment.
Having now concluded studies at the Danish Photojournalism School in Aarhus, specializing in Visual Storytelling in May 2014. Laetitia has further developed and defined her distinctive, interactive approach to Documentary Photography.
She sees an importance and necessity in her projects not to search for the latest scoop or hot news. Rather adapting to more extensive, long term projects to help create a more honest method of respectfully documenting peoples thoughts, emotions and place within society. By using this precise approach towards storytelling. Laetitia hopes to confirm her values and belief in the importance of morality within today’s journalism.
In November 2012, she received an award in Creative Journalism for her project “The Time goes by, Bruno stays” by Emaho Magazine.
“The Top will Fall” was selected for the Sony World Photography Awards 2014, Self-portrait competition on Instagram and short-listed for the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) International Print Exhibition.
Her latest documentary “My Home, My Prison” was selected as favorite by l’ANI, at VISA POUR L’IMAGE September, 2014.